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If you are considering - or already involved with shopkids.com as a supplier/boutique - read on and BEWARE to be in for a NIGHTMARE. You will lose your money and possibly your mind....

I worked for a small kids boutique in Belgium - and we were victims of this outrageous Shoptique scam - in our case by joining their platform Shopkids.com. I can barely express how much agony, misery, wasted time and money this caused us.

Sadly, we decided to go ahead and pay the 1000 USD fee - a HUGE investment for a beginning boutique. But their sales pitch was so slick, we stupidly fell for it. They reached out via Facebook, presented a whole pitch full of promises of this all-inclusive service (incl. website design, newsletters etc). They emphasized their entire concept was to put small, exclusive shops like ours in the spotlight, for global consumers to order from, by being featured on their online platform.

Apparently - we were very carefully selected as one of a few lucky shops in Belgium, after a thorough research of our high quality, unique brands we offer.

What convinced us, was their point that they had 100,000's customers signed up for Shoptiques - who would all be exposed to Shopkids.com

Sounded perfect. We had only about a week to commit, because there would be a huge launch, with mass online coverage - and we were carefully selected to be featured, with our boutique name - and photos.

When we said we needed more time - they kept pushing that if we missed the launch, we would miss out on huge sales.

Once our page was set up, we had to upload images of each item. That's when we realized things wernt right. Every single image we uploaded was rejected, because of absurd reasons. We spent all hours of the day and night to make edits and re-upload images. Still to no avail. When I started complaining, they quickly accepted a few. I kept on asking to speak to a representative on the phone - but they refused. The original, super-friendly sales-person ignored my emails. Once we had a small part of our collection processed as "published onto your boutique page" - I did a test. As a "customer" I searched one of our brands on shopkids.com - a couple items appeared, but NONE from our boutique.

Then I tried searching by our boutique name: Nothing came up.

Then I noticed "Shop by City" always listed only a few - and always the same cities - NY, London, Miami -- never our city.

Again I complained, but received nothing but automated email replies.

The big launch date arrived: Nothing happened - no coverage online whatsoever. What raised huge alarm bells was noticing their Facebook page had 100 or so likes!!! Out of 100,000+ subscribers, who supposedly had received a newsletter???

I demanded to see the newsletter, and the online coverage of the huge launch they promised - and in which we were supposed to be featured. NO response.

The final shocker: Again, as a "customer" I changed the country option on shopkids.com to Brazil, Spain, China, France etc.. I searched for one of our items - and it did appear in the results. HOWEVER: an item that we priced at eg. 20 euros, was priced around 5-10 TIMES higher if you ordered from another country!!! A skipping rope that a Belgian customer could buy at 8 euros - was featured as costing 70 euros for someone ordering from the U.S!!!

Thats when we were outraged and sent them emails demanding an explanation - which they ignored.

Our question: WHY would an American customer buy a skipping rope from us for 70 euros??? When they google the item, they can see the price is 8 euros anywhere else.

Finally - I had a vacation to NYC planned a while back. I emailed them that I would love to meet in person, since we were business partners, and wanted to discuss how we could better work together (keeping it friendly, as to not scare them off). The reply was astounding: They said, yes, great, please come to our offices. We will create a video where you can promote your boutique and we will place it on our website and on social media!!!

Awesome. When I asked for the day and time of our meeting --- all went silent.....

That's when we just decided to give up...

I swear, whoever is behind this - is the *** of the earth. To rob earnest, hard-working small business owners of their money - plus all the hours we invested -- they deserve to be in jail.

I am a very reasonable, forgiving person - but I have SO much anger towards this bunch of criminals.

There must be so many more victims out there. I hope we can somehow get justice - but I don't know where to start...

Would love to hear back from anyone who has experienced the same. Best wishes.

Product or Service Mentioned: Shoptiques Shipping Service.

Reason of review: The service we purchased is an elaborate scam. Our "webshop" that we purchased was never delivered - our merchandise was never made available for online purchase.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Shoptiques Cons: Scam, That shoptiques takes advantage of small businesses.

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